Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Lager House

Played at the Lager House last nite - thanks everyone who came to see us. We all felt that it sounded really good; usually can't hear anything on stage. Thanks to Adam the sound guy for a great mix. Here's some pix of the show (taken mostly by Bob Havlena):

thanks for the beer everyone!

nice blurry helvet1ca logo -

here's a couple of pix when we were setting up:

Brent had pillow issues with his bass frum. I think he's contemplating fixing it or sumpn:

and these were taken right when we were done:

Chris and Sherry (Steve's wife):


Matt and Jean

Dave Dominic, the ninja photographer:

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Gretsch is back

Yeah, it was a bit messed up. Thought it was because it got dropped on the stage, but I guess a Gretsch from this time period had problems with how they attached the neck. Thanks to Mike Koontz (248)545-5460, the best guitar tech in Detroit!

here is a pic of the guitar. 1968 Gretsch Rally.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Small's Show

We had a pretty good show last nite - even with the bad guitar cords (not chords, those sounded OK). thanks to everyone for showing. We didn't take any pix - so here is a picture of our local bottle collector, Eric. My name is Eric as well; in case you were confused. This Eric would sell his computer for booze.

Every night we practice, somewhere between 8 and 10pm we hear a really loud knock on the door. We then commence the game 'Not it'. If you don't remember this game, here is a little refresher. Pretty simple rules. Someone starts by counting 1,2,3 and everyone shouts "Not it!" Whoever says it last is 'it'. Ours is a little modified, the 1,2,3 part is replaced by the incessant knocking at the door. Usually Brent or I lose.

The loser walks slowly to the door, much like a schoolkid in the morning shuffling their feet looking at the ground as they slowly approach the school entrance. The loser then utters the words "who is it", even though we obviously know who it is. Eric announces himself. It doesn't quite sound like 'Eric' - it's more like "AIRK'. To say it correctly you have to shout it really loudly, with that annoying hollow megaphone-like Eddie Vetteresque tone in your voice. Try it.

We like Eric; he just hangs out a little too long. This is only a problem because he kind of smells like a grease dumpster.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Benefit at the Detroit Opera House

We are playing at the Detroit Opera House Saturday, June 25. Pretty cool. Don't know a lot of details yet; just that Liz Copeland is spinning. Not even sure yet if is open to the general public. Will keep you posted.